Protect more of your food plots with extra PLOTSAVER ribbon.  This 840' roll of White PLOTSAVER Ribbon will protect 1 full acre (44,100 square feet) of food plot.


Protect your food plotting efforts with the PLOTSAVER system!  


The PLOTSAVER system creates a powerful sensory and physical boundary that deters deer, elk and moose from entering.  Even after a heavy rain or intense watering, the PLOTSAVER system will still work. 


Addding more PLOTSAVER ribbon is an economical way to safeguard entire blocks of land such as crops, orchards and gardens for a fraction of the cost of broadcast sprays or electric fences.  PLOTSAVER ribbons reusable for years, simply take them down at the end of the growing season or when protection is no longer desired and store for the next season. 

PLOTSAVER White Ribbon - 840 Foot Roll

SKU: RB-W-8402