Protect your food plots with extra PLOTSAVER Repellent Concentrate.  This one one pint bottle of PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent dilutes with water to make 1.25 gallons of ready to use material. This is enough material to treat 840 feet of ribbon for approximately 100 days.

  • Concentrated liquid is mixed 1:9 with water
  • Makes 1.25 gallons of ready-to-use material
  • Will cover 2,520' of ribbon


Protect your food plotting efforts with the PLOTSAVER system!  


The PLOTSAVER system creates a powerful sensory and physical boundary that deters deer, elk and moose from entering.  Even after a heavy rain or intense watering, the PLOTSAVER system will still work. 


Addding more PLOTSAVER Repellent Concentrate is an economical way to extend the protection of your PLOTSAVER system.  Just re-apply solution to your PLOTSAVER ribbon to extend the time your plot is protected.  

PLOTSAVER Repellent - 1 Pint Concentrate

SKU: PS-C-016