High-performance wildlife food plot blends.  No filler, no gimmicks.  Just. Pure. Seed.

Welcome to Midwest Monster!  Our goal is simple: Provide the best food plot seeds for the midwest and northern tier land managers who want to attract and grow big whitetails on their properties.  


How do we do this?  Simple. Our blends deliver more of the seed that produces results.  Some food plot seed mixes on the market scream one thing from the bag, but read the fine print!  Often they are full of grass seed and other lower-value filler.  Experienced land managers know that filler and grass seed just take away from the plot's nutritional potential.  At Midwest Monster we believe that grass seed is for lawns, not food plots.  You won't find any of it in our blends.


Take a look at our Midwest Monster seed lineup.  Our value and performance will make a Midwest Monster fan out of you.

Eagle Soybeans Authorized Dealer >>


We are the Midwest's largest Eagle Seeds and Eagle Forage Soybeans authorized dealer.  Eagle beans are the food plotter's favorite Roundup-Ready forage soybeans.


Real World
Wildlife Products
Authorized Dealer >>


We carry Real World's best-selling blends including high-yielding, shatter-resistant Real World Gen 2 Whitetail Soybeans.  

Midwest Monster Seed Blends >>


Simply the food plot best blends for the northern grower.  Our blends provide proven performance and attraction.  Grow your own Midwest Monster.



Visit our online store for a complete selection of Midwest Monster seed blends.  Not sure what to plant and when?  Visit the Seed Selection & Planting Guide page.



Have questions or need help?  We want food plotters like you to be successful! 


Use the link below and send us an email.  We always reply!  

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