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Food Plot Equipment >>

How do I make planting easier and protect my crops for maximum results?  We have the tools to make managing your wildlife property easier and more productive.  

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PLOTSAVER Deer Barrier System >>

The patented PLOTSAVER deer barrier system is a revolutionary tool for protecting food plots, crops, orchards, reforestation areas, nursery stock, and all other growing areas.


PLOTSAVER features a reusable barrier ribbon treated with  PLOTSAVER deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory barrier that will deter axis, elk, moose and other deer from crossing.

String the  PLOTSAVER barrier ribbon 30” high around plot perimeter of any shape on stakes 30’ apart. Reapply  PLOTSAVER deer repellent approximately every 30 days until the plot is developed and you want the deer in the area.  PLOTSAVER is easily removed and reusable from year to year.

The PLOTSAVER deer barrier system. Easy to use, remove, and reuse.  There's nothing else like it.


Extreme Blower Products
XD Food Plot Seeder/Spreader >>

Make fast work of seeding and spreading tasks with Extreme Blower Products' XD Food Plot Seeder/Spreader.

This tool turns your leaf blower into a powerful and fast air-powered seeding and spreading tool.  Attach the XD Food Plot Seeder/Spreader to your blower, fill the hopper, and start spreading.   This product is perfect for overseeding or top-dressing food plots because, unlike a broadcast spreader, you do not have to drive over the plot and damage the existing crop.  

The XD Seeder/Spreader makes spreading large seeds, fertilizer, pelletized lime, and other products as easy as using your leaf blower.

Blower not included.  Fits any blower with a 2-3/4 inch to 3 inch round style tube.


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