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Midwest Monster's food plot blends are for the serious wildlife property managers.  We have a blend for all conditions and to maximize deer and wildlife attraction at all times of the year.  

Midwest Monster Mega Clover Plus food plot blend
Mega Clover Plus >>

In football they say you need a strong ground game to succeed.  When it comes to food plots, clover is that strong ground game.  Deer will eat high-quality clover whenever it is available, all year-round. Mega Clover Plus is the best there is and it includes 5 premium varieties of clover, plus the added attraction of chicory.  


Blend type:  Perennial (survives winter).  Lasts 3-5 years when properly maintained.  


Mega Clover Plus is a select blend that includes:

  • Medium red clover

  • White Dutch clover

  • Alsike clover

  • Ladino clover

  • Crimson clover

  • Chicory


This blend is designed to work well in a wide range of soil types and conditions and it's the can't-miss choice to attract deer and keep them coming back.  A well-maintained Mega Clover Plus plot can last up to 4 years, so this blend provides a low-maintenance option with high nutritional value.


Planting seasons:  

  • Spring

  • Late summer


Planting instructions:  Mega Clover Plus Planting Instructions (pdf file)


New!  AlfalfaMAX >>

Want to take your food plot to the next level?  Max it with AlfalfaMAX!  


Deer are crazy for alfalfa and our AlfalfaMAX delivers more protein per ton than virtually any other perennial food plot crop available.  But we didn't stop there.  AlfalfaMAX also includes sweet White Dutch clover, red clover, and chicory for added attraction.


AlfalfaMAX gives your deer all the benefits of high protein nutrition and large yields with the added benefit of being a perennial crop that will last 3-4 years when properly maintained.  Why just plant a food plot when you can take it to the MAX?


Blend type:  Perennial (survives winter).  Lasts 3-4 years when properly maintained.


AlfalfaMAX is a select blend that includes:

  • Northern-hardy alfalfa

  • Medium red clover

  • White Dutch clover

  • Chicory


Planting seasons:  

  • Spring

  • Late summer


Planting instructions:  AlfalfaMAX Planting Instructions (pdf file)


Brassicas Bender >>

When the weather turns cooler, nothing beats the attractiveness of Midwest Monster's Brassicas Bender.  Brassicas Bender combines high-sugar and high-protein turnips and forage radish, with sweet sugar beets, and 2 varieties of rapeseed for added attraction. Many land managers call brassicas "deer candy", and for good reason. 


Plant this blend and come fall, your deer will go on a Brassicas Bender!  Deer can't resist this combination and they'll keep coming back until the plot is bare.


Blend type:  Annual (must be planted each year). 


Brassicas Bender contains:

  • Purple top turnips

  • Forage radish

  • Rapeseed - 2 varieties 

  • Sugar Beets


Planting seasons:  

  • Mid to late summer.


Planting instructions:  Brassicas Bender Planting Instructions (pdf file)

All Fall Blend >>

Our All Fall Blend provides a highly-attractive crop that is tuned to provide a lush, green plot from late summer to early winter when other food sources are getting scarce. Midwest Monster's blend of grains and cool-season forages are just what the deer are looking for as they get ready for the coming winter.  All Fall Blend also has strong "standability" which means it will stay standing after fall rains and after light snows, so your deer can continue to feed on a lush, green crop.  


The following spring, All Fall Blend continues to provide early-green-up nutrition for both deer and turkey, making this a versatile crop that provides quality whitetail food through multiple seasons.


Blend type:  Mixed (contains both annuals and perennials). 


All Fall Bend contains:

  • Medium red clover

  • Forage oats

  • Forage rye

  • Giant rapeseed

  • Essex rapeseed


Planting seasons:

  • Late summer or early fall depending on location.

  • Can be planted in early spring or summer as a cover crop.


Planting instructions:  All Fall Blend Planting Instructions (pdf file)

Eagle Forage Soybeans >>

Midwest Monster is proud to be a dealer for Eagle Seeds and their Eagle Forage Soybeans. Eagle Forage Soybeans are Roundup Ready (TM), and they offer food plotters many advantages over standard ag beans, including:


  • Vigorous growth and huge plants. Eagle soybeans can reach up to 5 feet high and produce 38 average nodes per stem in trials, compared with 14-20 nodes for your average field variety. This means Eagle forage beans can regenerate to withstand browsing pressure.

  • High-protein leaf mass and stems. Up to 42% protein, which is 8-12% more protein than ordinary field soybeans.

  • Produce up to 10 tons of food mass per acre. 2 to 5 times more than ordinary field soybeans.

  • Roundup Ready (TM).  Eagle Forage Soybeans are one of the few glyphosate-resistant forage soybeans on the market.  This allows the grower to control a wide variety of weeds with a single herbicide. 

  • Eagle Seeds strongly encourages the use of soybean inoculant if you have not grown soybeans in your plot for at least 3 previous growing seasons.  We carry Eagle's inoculant in the Monster Store.  


Important:  All purchases of Eagle Forage Soybeans require the buyer to have a signed Monsanto Stewardship Agreement in place before the seed can be delivered or picked up.  This is an easy process and can be completed online.  Contact us for more information. 


Instructions for obtaining a free Monsanto Stewardship Number online are available by clicking here.  

Real World Wildlife Products Soybeans >>

For property managers who want a high pod yield and the most shatter-resistant pods for their plots, we are Minnesota's authorized Real World Soybeans dealer.  

Real World Gen 2 soybeans have been developed to offer growers a glyphosate-ready soybean blend that maximizes bean yield.  What sets Real World soybeans apart from high-yielding ag beans is their focus on shatter-resistant pods so that the beans stay on the plant until the deer eat them, instead of shelling out on the ground. 


High yield and shatter resistance make Real World Gen 2 the top choice for property managers who want to maximize the pods available for wildlife as long as possible into the late season. 




Individual Seed Varieties >>

Because we create our own blends at Midwest Monster, we can also provide you with high-quality individual seed varieties.  Whether it's for over-seeding, supplementing existing plots, or just to experiment with a single variety, we can help.


Prices and availability may vary.  For more information, contact us using the button below.​

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