Serious seeds  for the serious food plotter.

No filler, no grass seed, no gimmicks.


Hi.  My name is Jay Hruby and I'm a whitetail hunter, land manager, husband, father, and the founder of Midwest Monster Whitetail Products.


Midwest Monster began the first time I really read the fine print on a bag of commercial food plot seeds that I bought at a big box sporting goods store. I just about fell over. I had just paid $40 of good money for a seed blend that was almost half grass seed.  The same stuff I'd spread on my lawn!  


That was the beginning of Midwest Monster.  We make pure, high-value seed blends.  No filler, no grass seed, no gimmicks.  Grow your own Midwest Monster!




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We want you to be successful when it comes to food plots and managing wildlife on your property.   We're happy to help by answering your questions.

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