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Want to take your food plot to the next level?  Max it with AlfalfaMAX!  


Deer are crazy for alfalfa and our AlfalfaMAX delivers more protein per ton than virtually any other perennial food plot crop available.  But we didn't stop there.  AlfalfaMAX also includes sweet White Dutch clover, red clover, and chicory for added attraction.


AlfalfaMAX gives your deer all the benefits of high protein nutrition and large yields with the added benefit of being a perennial crop that will last 3-4 years when properly maintained.  Why just plant a food plot when you can take it to the MAX?


Blend type:  Perennial (survives winter).  Lasts 3-4 years when properly maintained.


AlfalfaMAX is a select blend that includes:

  • Northern-hardy alfalfa

  • Medium red clover

  • White Dutch clover

  • Chicory


Planting seasons:  

  • Spring

  • Late summer

AlfalfaMAX - 1 acre bag

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