I love it when a plan comes together.

For most of us, the 2016 hunting seasons are done or rapidly winding down. It's almost Christmas and I love to do a little thankful reflecting on what went right in 2016. I'll do a little series on this topic. Before I start, I'd love to hear from you. What went right for you in 2016? Share your awesome food plots, hunting success stories, and any other good news you have. When I'm not running Midwest Monster and being a husband and father, I'm spending time at our 80 acre farm in central Minnesota. Here's the first thing that I'm really thankful for when looking back at 2016 1. Brassicas Success! We had a terrific food plot growing season in 2016! This was one of those years when I

You can't fight the weather.

Here in Midwest Monster country we had a very, very, very wet year in 2016. In fact, according to our friends over at Farmlogs.com (and we love your app!), we were about 51% above average on rainfall this past food plotting season. Now like the country song says, Rain is a Good Thing. But a lotta, lotta, lotta rain... well, there are limits... But this weather pattern, like all weather patterns, just reinforces some good food plot practices. Every year we learn something, but I think from time to time it's good to reflect on what we should remember when planning for next year: The past is the past. This year I've had just a terrific year growing Midwest Monster's Brassicas Bender. I've

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