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Food Plot Supplies & Sources

We get asked a lot by food plotters, "Where's a good place to get..."

Here are some of the places we frequently use and recommend. These are from my own experience and since the Midwest Monster home farm is near Hinckley, MN, I tend to use bricks and mortar businesses "along the way" or I use internet sources.

Do you have a good place to recommend? We're always on the lookout for more recommendations anywhere in Midwest Monster country. Please email us with your recommendations .


It can be difficult to even find, much less get good prices on ag chemicals. Also, beware home and garden stores may not carry full-strength versions of chemicals, so read carefully before you buy chemicals at big box stores.

Rural King - I order almost all my chemicals online form Rural King. They have the best price we can consistently get on full strength (41%) glyphosate with surfactant included is fron Rural King. Even with shipping, the cost is lower per ounce than any other place I have found for 1-2.5 gallon quantities. Rural King also carries specialty chemicals like the clover-safe grass killer clethodim.

Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

Getting fertilizer, lime, and other soil amendments can be difficult because this stuff is heavy and not cheap to ship

Peterson's North Branch Mill - North Branch, MN - Those of us who have properties in northern MN will usually pass by Peterson's in North Branch on our way up I-35. Great source for ag fertilizers, wide selection and reasonable prices.

Menard's - If you hit the 11% off sale, Menard's has the best price I've found on bags of pellitized lime. And if you're food plotting in MN or WI, chances are you need lime.

Tractor Supply - Another source for lime, chemicals, and other things you need out in the plots.

Food Plot Equipment & Repairs

Jensen Tractor, Askov, MN - The best tractor and equipment repair shop I've found between the Twin Cities and Duluth. Parts, welding, and they are a new and used equipment dealer for a variety of brands. Great service.

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