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Midwest Monster Grower Reports 2019

It's hard to believe, but we're now almost at the end of the 2019 growing season here in Midwest Monster country.

Here are some reports from our customers:

Grower: Zac

Location: East Central Minnesota

"Hey, I told you I would send pics of my Eagle (Eagle Forage Soybeans) beans. I planted them May 26th. I sprayed them once with Roundup when they were about 6-8 inches tall. That is all I did. I’m 6’2” The Plot Saver worked great. Deer stayed out of the fenced area. I’ll send more pics after deer season!"

Zac from east central Minnesota shows his Eagle Forage Soybean plot

Grower: Tim

Location: Twin Cities Area, Minnesota

"The best thing about the Eagle soybeans is that while all the ag beans are turning yellow and dying off right before bow season starts, my Eagle bean plots are still green and the deer are all over them. Here are some pictures from earlier in the season."

Do you have a Midwest Monster grower report to share? We'd love to hear from you. Email us anytime.

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